Thursday, 20 October 2016

Spooky Halloween Princess renewal poll!

Debates? Presidential elections? Pff, they're smalltime!

The poll for the second (Slime Princess won last time and got all PIMPed up) Princess rework is now open!
The winner will get:
  • A new adult scene
  • New set of portraits
  • New adult animations
  • Her questline and reing reworked

Starting November we will focus on Moth Princess, the latest "main" heroine, and on reworking the winner of the poll. 

As cute as a hairy cupcake, but... as friendly as she looks?

This time our candidates share a common feature: they aren't actually... alive.

A golem and two undead princesses! Who's going to win?!

When will the winner be announced? But on Halloween night, of course!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

v0.10: New quests, stealth and SPERM

Hey everyone!
v0.10 is drawing closer and closer every day, it's time we take a peek on some of the new additions!

Let's start with a couple quests (the game has 16 completely new quests and 9 old "missions", like the ones to retrieve KoboldP or SkeletonP treasures, reworked for the new quest system).

Let's start with yet another stealth mission, it's needed to introduce the reworked enemy detection.

-The Blackout

In this mission you will have to turn on the lights, before you can fight these spooky ghosts!

Let's skip that there are several places where the key you need to complete the quest is hidden, or that the enemies in this quest will have different patrol routes if you replay the quest.

Until last time the enemies could only see the Player if he was right in front of their faces, now it works differently. Verily so.

The picture will explain the changes better than I could with words:

The enemies won't be able to notice you if you approach them from behind, until you touch them.
They are now able to see to their sides in a small radius and in a cone ahead of themselves.

Now it feels way more natural, both during fights and sneaky quests!

-Sperm Collection quests

Divided in different ranks, these quests will ask the Player to go fetch specific cum samples from monsters around the game's world.
If you're being asked for sperm of wolves, or spider's, or anything else, you'll have to search for a monster of that category!

The first one will be wolf's by default and you'll have to reach a cave near Golem Princess to find them.

Once you reach the wolves you'll be asked who's going to play the "lamb". 
Needless to say, she won't be happy about it...

The first quest is scripted, but you'll be normally "rewarded" with sperm everytime one of your princesses gets knocked out while being raped.
"To the loser go the spoils!"

Won't spoil much more for today, but you should also be prepared for Dragon feels and to bully Faun Princess with Dragon Princess I.

Oh, I'm sure you will, Princess!

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Mouse3D update!

This post is for everyone asking me for updates on our 3D-printing side project.

Just a couple days ago we printed the latest prototype of Mouse Princess.

This time her neck didn't snap like a twig, and there shouldn't be any more problems if we up its girth
a little and print everything with more durable/higher quality materials (like Ultra-T or something).

I'm going to meet the figure painters at the end of the month and I'll start assessing the expenses to move the project to the next stage (printing these models in series of 3 Princesses with high quality materials) so that it won't slow down the game's own development in any way possible.

When/if the the strechgoal will be reached the team will be able to buy this pretty baby here

and then cute figures will magically flow out of it!

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

September 2016 Patreon Rewards!

Thank you for everyone's support during September, Patrons and normies too!

Version 0.10, that will feature battle-rape and like a hundred more features, will be out by the beginning of November.
I'm ALMOST sure it won't be this time that I break my record of punctuality!

Halloween is coming too~... expect something spooky!

As usual, the gallery has been updated with all the new artworks made for the game during September!

More animations, more artworks, more musics 

If you feel like supporting this project become a Patron! This way not only you'll get access to the gallery (roughly 700 between sketches and artworks), but you'll also be able to play with the new versions of the game before anyone else!

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Balancing and Diplomacy rework!

Like v0.10 needed more features!

One of the few complaints I had with v0.9 was the increasing focus on the VN/adult part of the game, while leaving the gameplay to the side.

With this new version we're not leaving anything lagging behind.

While yes, there will be: 

  • new animations and the Corruption/Battle Rape/Adult Stats new systems; 
  • 2 new adult scenes made by TheBoogie
  • many new portraits, like Goblin and Slime reworked ones, Lamia and Dusk new ones.
    Also, now they're all scaled to be proportionate with the height the Princesses are supposed to have. 

Many aspects of the gameplay have been reworked:

  • the new "Knights INC" (the guild) can provide the player with, as of today, 15 new repeatable quests;
    They'll reward the player with Affinity Points (if you work for one of the Princesses), new equipments and will get the Player to know better all the reigns.

Who said skeletons don't need to heal their wounds?? Get what they ask for from the chests and place it on the counter as fast as you can!

Bet your Choco-Dicks in the completely randomized cow race and cross your fingers! There are obstacles and power-ups on the course. Expect to rage, in a blue shell way!

  • the new quest system affects many of the old "quests", like Kobold quest for her precious plug, Insect Princess quest for the eradication of the human rebels or Golem Princess Clockwork Heart quest.

This way it won't be a problem to keep track of everything you should be doing!
  • the Diplomacy in the game is completely reworked, the game has been balanced to not favor too much the reigns that have been "active" for longer.
    As a consequence sieges won't take too many battles to get lifted and...

The Tea Party!
The knight will be asked by the guild to guard over the reigns' representatives during the Tea Party (Northern and Southern Princesses will held different parties).
During these events Princesses can fight eachother, sign secret deals, influence (positively or not) the diplomatic relations between eachother, support the Knights INC. if they're satisfied with your job or... well often they'll just chat, they're girls, you know.

At the end of the Tea Party you'll be announced if new wars or alliances have been declared.
With this new mechanic working (perfectly, if I can say so myself) I decided to eliminate the "starting war" we used to set things in motion.
The Towergirls Kingdom will start in peace but, well... good luck maintaining it!

Oh, thank you for voting in the poll!
Dragon Princess I won and will get her first animation with Knight!